Our Church History





  • Community Baptist Church through prayer meetings and a Sunday school organized to become a church had its beginning as most early Baptist churches. Christians worshipped in prayer meetings held at various homes in the community. Eventually several families decided to organize a Sunday school and through this effort a desire to organize a church became eminent. Land was donated by the W. G. Speight Family for the first structure. Under the leadership of Reverend H. J. Singleton, the first pastor with the Reverend M. E. Jones, assisting, the structure was erected. Reverend H.J. Singleton was the pastor from 1942-1944.

    Families instrumental in the organizing of the church and are considered Charter Members were: The Theodore Speight Family, The Sam D. Dillard Family, The George A. Johnson Family, The Vance Lennon Family, The Percy Little Family, The Fannie Lambert Family, and The Robert Jones Family.

    In 1944, the Rev. J. A. Brown was unanimously called in June to pastor the Church.  Under his leadership various auxiliaries were organized. The Sunday school grew in membership and church services were held twice a month.

    In April 1947, Reverend Edgar Thompson became the third Pastor.  Under his leadership, church services were changed from twice a month to three times a month, and eventually to every Sunday. During his pastorate, several additional auxiliaries were formed and the membership continued to grow. Community Baptist Church, since its beginnings, has been a supporter of the New Hope Association, General Baptist State Convention, North Carolina, Inc., Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Convention of North Carolina, Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention, NAACP, Shaw University, Shaw Divinity School and The Children Home in Oxford, North Carolina and many other community organizations. In 1954, the church purchased land a new edifice was begun and completed in 1956.

    During the era three persons were called to the ministry; Brother Clyde Johnson in 1958, Brother Ira Murchison, May 1968 (deceased), Sister Pattie Walker, May 1969 (deceased).  In 1973 the Rev. Tally B. Mosby joined this church and served as Associate Minister until his death. In August 1974, Groundbreaking Ceremonies were held at the Church and the present edifice was completed in September 1975. The church was entered for worship in October 1975. 

  • Jethro Ashford, Sam Dillard, James Edge, Theodore Speight, Daniel Stewart, Julious Wilson and Roosevelt Hayes served as Deacons at that time. Annie Ashford, Patti Austin, Geneva Dillard, Myrtle Edge, Belle Hayes, Edna Hodges, Patti M. Johnson, Willie McCormick, Johnnie-Ann Smith and Mary Speight were Deaconesses at that time.

    In 1977, Reverend Edgar Thompson retired having served faithfully for 30 years.

1975 -




  • On Sunday, April 9, 1978, Reverend Percy Raymond Chase was installed and became the fourth pastor. During his pastorate we have witnessed a strong sense of spirituality and Christian growth, excellent Bible teaching and church management. Brother Kelly Dillard was licensed to the ministry on January 6, 1980 under the guidance of Reverend Percy Chase.

    The Church Cornerstone was laid for the present edifice on May 30, 1981.  In 1981, the late Reverend W. T. Ratliff joined this fellowship and served as a faithful member and Associate Minister until his death. 

  • On September 16, 1985, the mortgage was liquidated, and it was burned on October 13, 1985.  Continuing under the leadership of Pastor Chase, the following were appointed and ordained as deacons:1986, Brother W.W. Sellars; 1989, Brothers William Bynum, Frank Byrd and James Garrett; 2001, Brothers Cleo Cole and Willard Goodson; 2006, Brothers Steven Cobb, Sheldon Cole, Jeffrey Hester, Johnny Strickland and Quinton Ryan.

    The following were appointed and consecrated as Deaconess: 1986, Sisters Harriet Cook, Eva Geer, Margaret Harrison and Autra Johnson; 1989, Sisters Edna Byrd and Beatrice Garret; 2006, Sisters Ida Alexander, Monica Bowen, Iris Layne; 2009, Sisters Erma Johnson, and Alberta Simmons. In 1992, the church purchased stained glass windows for the sanctuary with contributions through donations by various members.

    On March 22, 1992, Community Baptist Church commemorated the 50th Church Anniversary Dr. W.B. Lewis, President of the General Baptist Convention, North Carolina, Inc. and Dr. James D. Ballard, pastor of Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, Winston Salem, North Carolina was the guest banquet preachers.  Continuing under the leadership of Pastor Chase, the church purchased additional land and property adjacent to the church. The Marquee was purchased for public awareness of the Church Ministry.

    In 2017, the church sanctuary was completely reupholstered. New pews were purchased along with new pulpit furniture.